Dandy Lie

There is an older version
A revision
Smaller me
Who cried
Who cried so easily

She cried at hissing symphonies
Played on cassette machines
She cried for orphans
(Story bound)
And the spinster aunts they found
To love them, though they were not sound
And spoke in poetry

She cried when other children said, “Why do you always cry?”

But she’s buried
So deep
That when I heard that you would sleep
(When I heard that you would die. Why lie?)

I did not cry

So you’ll be dust
Or ashes
Buried down there with the girl
Who made a small salt ocean
For a dandelion head
Popped off and left for dead
By a laughing boy who said,

“It’s no good. I pulled its roots,
I picked it just for you!
To see if you would cry some more
If I popped off its head.”

And I did.

by Heather Emme

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