Seeking Actor

Prominent role in “Own Life”, a Not Depressed Production
Female, mid-to-late thirties

This role can be accomplished predominantly with wardrobe and make-up.

Wardrobe tips: Do not wear the same clothes for three days. If you must, certainly do not be seen. Bright colours will distract from a sour expression. Clothes should be comfortable, but sophisticated. Wear a bra.

Make-up tips: Shower. Wash hair. Moisturize. Foundation and lip-gloss are considered the minimum. Hair products show initiative.

Your performance will consist of smiling and feigning interest. Getting out of bed will be required and is non-negotiable. Making lists is an asset. Planning for the future is preferred, but not expected.

Those chosen will be expected to work 40 hours and attend at least one social function a week.

No fatties.

by Heather Emme

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