I Was Once A Dancer

Once again, I will try to post one of my poems on Thursdays (versedays!) Let’s see how long I can maintain it for. I’m betting…three weeks.

This poem was performed at Ryerson University’s Arts With Attitude/Disability Studies program. Though it is old, I still like it. That is rare.

495px-Nuclear_dancerI Was Once A Dancer

I was once a dancer
Perhaps the very best
That the world had ever seen
A cross between a spinning top
And a Mexican jumping bean
And if I sometimes fell
It was a part of the dance
As well

I was once a dancer
Until someone told me “Dance,”
“Is not just movements
Picked by chance.
But a very specific
Leap or stance.
It must be
Choreographed, rehearsed.
Frontward, backward
Left and reversed!”

And suddenly
I was not the best
Nor even highly rated
So now I do not dance
In fact
I hate it

by Heather Emme

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