In Lieu Of Thanksgiving

Hello humans who are also Canadians who have today off because of delicious turkey. This would be the day to be thankful, which is usually when we make a big list of all of the things in the world that we generally take for granted and share libations with the ones we love (or something like that.)

I’m not feeling very grateful today.

I am feeling, however, on the cusp of being hopeful.

I hope that soon the shift will happen and all genders will find a way to see eye to eye and stop using our fucky-bits to decide value. I hope that women will make up 50% (or so) of government and commerce and voice and the crowd scenes in movies.

I hope that we realize that no matter what we believe, there’s a kernel of truth in it and that kernel is that part that says love wins. And if we believe none of this, I hope we admit that love sure ain’t gonna make things worse.

I hope that media shifts away from making fear the headline and makes solutions the focus.

I hope we realize that we are worth saving and stop destroying all that we have and calling it growth or progress or the free market. I hope we realize that sustainable isn’t a bad word.

For me, I hope I meet more of my neighbours. I hope I find a way to do good. I hope my body settles on wellness and my mind on calm. I hope to grow my family and plant a garden I can eat from and spend time doing things that bring me close to people and to myself.

I hope. And that’s enough for today.


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