School should not be a place of fear.

School should not be a place of fear.

Two more dead humans, one just 15 years old. Two human lives that do not exist anymore. Let’s count their value. Will they get one day of news coverage? Two? Will we remember them once some distraction comes along? Will this be the impetus for change? Will we rush to place after-school programs and counseling and job help and better access to education and health care in Rexdale? Will we look at these children and say, “Sorry for the neglect. It was me, it wasn’t you. I will do better…”?


I’ve written to all three Mayoral candidates to see what they have to say about Rexdale and the recent violence. I will post their responses as I get them.


In the meantime, I have been investigating charities that help in this neighbourhood so you can do good without leaving your computer. See how easy I’m making this? But seriously. We need to be angry. We need people to be so tired of watching kids die that we interrupt pretty society and force them to see the reality.


My inspiration, from St. Louis:


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