Come On Get Happy

Perusing my own recent posts, I see a trend. I suppose, as a person with depression, it’s not shocking that I talk about, well, depression. And suicide. And lots of other socially important ideas. But seriously, even I need a break from it.

So today, for no reason and in no particular order, things that make me happy.

Girls In Geekdom (GIG)
And by girls I mean women, womyn, babes, cosplayers, anyone who identifies as female, dudes who support GIG. You know, all the cool peoples. I love my geeky ladies. A few who  make me extra happy:

Leslie Doyle
If you don’t know Leslie’s art, you should because it looks like this:

Why Hello There...

Why Hello There…

I mean…really. Just wow. Go. Enjoy. Tell her I sent you. Sponsor her on Patreon. Enjoy her geekery on Tumblr. You can thank me later.

Charlotte and Stewart
These handmade dollies are (full disclosure time) totally made by my big sister. I’m pretty sure she is the coolest big sister.

Skater Punk Rock Zombie Boy. Because why not.

Skater Punk Rock Zombie Boy. Because why not.

See? Dollies and art. Dollies and art make me happy.

Debs and Errol
Debs is a classically trained singer. Errol is…Errol. I loves them. They are ridiculous and hilarious and they just got to open for the cast of TNG at Montreal’s Con.

It went well.

It went well.

Oh, they also have a daily comic, a pretty rabid (I foam at the mouth sometimes, it’s true) geek following and a couple of pretty nifty CDs.

So there you have it. Something that makes me happy. Girls In Geekdom.

Ya happy now?


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