Dear Mr. Ford, I Am Not Your Talking Point

When they stripped you of your powers, I hoped you would fade away. When you said you were getting help, I hoped that was true. What I really hoped was that you would stop talking and that, perhaps, I wouldn’t have to be so annoyed with you all the time.

I get annoyed because you use my life (and the lives of those like me) as a talking point far too often.

In your interview with Mr. Black, you did it again. You implied, falsely (as the evidence shows) that a reporter was a pedophile. You implied that he was only there to take pictures of your children to use for his own pleasure. Outside of the heinousness of casually making this sort of statement (especially when police have said that there were no photos of your home and family on his device) let’s examine what this means.

You have used your children. You have shamelessly and baselessly presented your children as the victims of a pedophile to gain sympathy and support for yourself. You have taken your precious babies and made them pawns and drawn attention to them in a way that is inexcusable.

You have minimized the experience of real victims of pedophiles by casually throwing around potential victimization. You have contributed to the muddy waters that we already wade through trying to get help. You have gut-punched us for a talking point.

You have taken a man and, though few believe you, called his integrity into question. You have attacked his character in a way that surpasses what is reasonable and correct in political discourse. If you suspect a man of endangering children, you call the police. You don’t bring it up a year later on television to deflect from your own unreasonable violence.

In this scenario, only one person victimized someone smaller than them, and it was you.

I have had a life that has not always been simple. I’ve seen you bash the homeless, those in need and those from challenging neighbourhoods. Yet now that I’m an established, middle-class homeowner, you think I’ll support you because you may, potentially, save me money?

No. I cannot support you. And I respectfully request that you stop using victims, survivors and those in need as talking points. You do not support us and we will not be still while you use us.


15 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Ford, I Am Not Your Talking Point

  1. This has to stop. Stripping this man of most of his mayoral powers has only empowered him more. Our politicians need to stop this derailment NOW! Rob Ford is still using public funds to continue to campaign. Every time he opens his mouth, it is to spew garbage…..who cares if he wants to run next year? I don’t…….I want him removed from public office period! Then if he wants to spend his own money playing these immature games, well, we live in a democracy. The reporter needs to charge Ford with slander…..let’s see how far he “stands by his words” in court. He still has not been made accountable for any of this. I understand that the police have “bigger fish to fry”, and I am sure that the Ford brothers will go down in flames, but let them do it on their own dime, in their own homes and not at City Hall!

    • While I agree with your sentiment, I am also a fan of procedure. I would like to see him removed properly and transparently. This problem has made it abundantly clear that we need to reexamine our procedures for removing someone from office, however large changes like that need to be done with diligence and care, lest they be used inappropriately later.

      However, I take your point that he should be held to more than a legal standard, he should be held to a moral one. We expect that from children. We should expect it from politicians.

      • requesting the province remove Ford is an option that I believe the prov is still open to, and would constitute proper procedure, with or without an amendment of the Municipal and City of Toronto Acts.

        I’ve said ever since May that Toronto City Council was failing residents by allowing Ford to use position as a pulpit. Lapdog media only follows him at city hall because they’re on the city hall beat… if Ford’s ousted entirely most of his coverage evaporates.

      • I do hope you’re right. I think it needs to be done, and that it needs to be done properly. He is certainly not bringing much to to the table at this point and he himself may be best served by a break from the spotlight.

  2. This is brilliant. My only regret is that I didn’t write it myself! That said, I plan to share it all over the place. And you know if reporters would start turning their backs on him, not following him for the news story he would begin to fade away. He feeds on their cameras and their pens, even when he’s vilifying the media. It’s time to stop. Full out.

    • Agreed. I wish that he hadn’t sat down for that particular campaign speech disguised as an interview. I feel like he’s a drowning man scrambling for purchase and here comes Conrad Black to toss him a life-ring in the form of absolution, as provided by a convicted criminal. I’ve nicknamed the interview “His Lordship Meets His Fordship” because, well, rhymes are the best. 😀

  3. Only problem with your opinion is that your solution is undemocratic, unlawful and contradict ove one third of the voters in Toronto.

    Use your passion to help someone today.

    This here is nothing more than writing down your anger and trying to get people to agree with you. Then what? Serves no purpose.

    Good luck.

    • Please be more specific about what you’re referring to. In particular, I’d like to know what solution I proposed, and how it was undemocratic, unlawful and contradictory. I get the feeling I’ve stepped into the middle of an ongoing conversation that I wasn’t there for.

      As well, please do not make the uninformed assumption that I don’t use my passion to help others. I do.

      Though I will agree that his words anger me, and that many people agree with me that his behavior is angering, using words to concisely state why what someone has said is problematic is, in fact, useful. Often, we find ourselves frustrated but unable to properly communicate the source of our frustration. My hope is to lay it out clearly, providing a concise explanation of why these words are particularly egregious.

      It should also be noted that, besides an inaccurate tsk-tsking at me for my perceived apathy, you are also merely stating an opinion. And hey, I welcome that.

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