A New Place To Play

Howdie folks,

Some of you may know me from my Yoga Blog (now defunct) or my Webcomic. Some of you may know me from ranting at parties you wished you hadn’t invited me too. Most of you don’t know me from Adam.

I think I’m pretty nifty, except for the days when I don’t. And no matter how I feel about myself, I tend to have a lot to say. It’s a thing.

What I’ve found, recently, was that my Yoga Blog was turning into the place where I expressed those things, whether they had anything to do with yoga or not. It was steering it away from its original intent, as a sort of journal of my exploration of an idea. My choices were either to re-fit my current blog as something else or start something new. Here, friends, is the something new. To start you off, I’m gonna link to all the super opinionated non-yoga blogs, since I have no idea how to move them here. Tech, she is not my friend.

I opine about the guy who said fat folks shouldn’t wear his clothes and the other guy who thought it would be a great protest to #fitchthehomeless.
#FitchTheHomeless or Cool? I Was Freakin’ Freezing!
And the follow-up:
Son of a Fitch or How to #FitchTheHomeless Without Being a Douche.

I continue to opine about UNICEF, those goody-goodies who may be less goody than they used to be.
What I Did In School or The UNICEF Essay

And finally, the mayor.
His Fordship or Why This Is Not Okay

Yep. Way too much politics for a yoga site. So, here I am. I plan to add a nice sofa, maybe some throw pillows. It’s a keeper.


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